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Ahh! Great to be back and see that everything is just how I left it.
Piehands reached level 60 and I found some other, less exciting things to work on.

Also, I moved these diary entries to my main website and added 52 screenshots for illustrative purposes.

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My Illustrated World of Warcraft Diary

 Killed a bunch of dinosaurs in Ungaro last night. I ran out of food and heal potions, and even bandages at one point. I got in a group with one other dude, a Paladin, looking for those pteradactyls. I must have died 8 times. It was pretty fun but crazy. We kept attracting the attention of a few, and trying to run away from them on our horses, but they would sometimes catch up and we’d have to face 3-4-5 of them at a time- dinos, slime and those retarded flowers. It was so nuts. The bodies would just PILE up. After more than an hour, we had killed a total of four of the pterys. Ridiculous!

 My inventory was full, so I stoned home. I have somehow amassed 5 stacks of thick leather!
I’m halfway through level 51.

Not long after I started playing Warcraft, I realized that much of the game had already been carefully catelogued and databased. However, there were a few things that I figured no one had logged.. How many monsters do I have to kill to get to the top level?

I don’t know yet, and honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the patience and drive to go the whole way making such detailed notes. Until then, here are the results from my tally so far: The Complete List of Kills from Level 42 to Level 43. (87,100 experience)

I began by cashing in the Colonel Zurzen quest for 5450 and the “Favor for Krazdo” for 2200.
Next, I killed
Crystal Spine Basilisks (3)
Strangethorn Tigers (8 )
Venture Co. Geologist (1)
Mosh ‘ogg Witch Doctors (4)
Most ‘ogg Brutes (3)
Shadowmaw Panther (1)
Murkgill Warrior (1)
Young Strangethorne Tiger (1)
I also cashed in Tiger Mastery for 150 experience. What a rip off.

Then, I got together in a group and ran Stockades. I didn’t earn any experience however, because it is a low level dungeon. Also, the action happened too fast for me to take good notes on how many prisoners I killed. The group was a good one, so next we hit Deadmines (no experience) and finally Ulduman.

I did not gain a lot of experience from Ulduman, because it was split between four of us. Outside I killed:

Shadowforge Surveyors (7)
Shadowforge Diggers (7)
Shadowforge Ruffians (3)
Stonevault Rockchewers (1)

I then cashed in “Furious Deep” quest for 300, and “Hints of a New Plague” for 3700.

Killed Black Bear (1) and
Moonrage Elder (1)
Shadowfang Whitescalps (8 )
Bleak Worg (4)
Bleak Glutton (1)
Undead Servants (7)

Crushridge Brutes (2)
Crushridge Ogres (5)

Syndicate Enforcers (4)
Syndicate Assassins (4)
Nagaz (1)

Cashed in the Enscrolled Parchment Quest for 1100, and completed the Triage Quest for 5550 experience. Also, I met James Hyal for 330.

Risen Spirits (6)
Risen Husks (3)
Darkfang Venomspitter (2)
Drywallow Crockolisk (4)
Grimtotem Breaker (9)
Bloodfen Raptor (3)
Grimtotem Elder (10)
Grimtotem Shapeshifter (8)
Withervine Creeper (1)
Noxious Flayer (1)

Completed the Escort Stinky Quest, Raptor Capture (2950)

Darkmist Spiders (6)
Darkmist Recluse (3)
Darkmist Widow (elite) (1)
Darkmist Hatchling (4)
Theramore Deserter (8 )
Theramore Leitenant (2)
Mottled Drywither Crocolisk (1)
Acidic Swamp Ooze (3)
Giant Darkmist Spider (1)

and finally, I cashed in the Zepplin Crash Quest for 440 experience.

So! Yeah! Did a lot of killing, fighting more than 42 types of creatures. That was a surprise. I never thought I would see such a wide range of creature through such a short time span.  Also, a very surprising discovery in these notes was that I rarely kill more than 7 of any one kind of creature. Sure, it seems like I’ve killed 50 Theramore Deserters, but it was really only 8.

Day 260 – Mounted

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Still on foot, I ran up to Stormwind and put some items up for auction. Luckily, I had a few bags worth of valuable booty on me, so it looked like I was going to have no problem raising 7 or 8 gold for a horse.

With my auctions set, I ran around Stormwind selling some junk to merchants. Soon enough, a few things had sold, so I was able to jump over to the mailbox and grab my payment. Curiously, I needn’t have waited. I had some cash just sitting in the mailbox from previous auctions.  Easy money.

With a total of 13 gold, I had a little breathing room, so I visited the warrior trainer, being sure to keep at least 7.5 gold for my horse.

So, I get out of there, run over to the Eastwood lumber hut and guess what? The horses are 8.5 gold! Damn it! I was totally short! How did this happen?

So, once again, I ran to find a mailbox. This time I ran south to Duskwood, and stopped a few times to try fishing. By the time I got to the Duskwood Inn, there was fresh money in my mailbox and I was ready to actually, really buy a horse!

Using a horse is like using the Hearthstone, with no cooldown. You just sort of summon it and POOF, you are riding a horse! I selected the pinto.

Man, what a rush! Riding a horse is like riding a motorcycle in this game! The world zips by! Being able to move this fast is a huge upgrade, better than a weapon or armor, because it enhances the most basic function of the game: running around.

When you need to get off of your horse (for going inside buildings or casting a spell or making a fire or dancing or getting into combat), the horse just disappears. Obviously it would be terrific to be able to fight from on top of your horse, because you’d have much better access to your enemy’s head,

but was probably judged to be too huge of an advantage.

Wow, riding the horse is super fun! I could not wait to join up with other folks on horseback for group quests!

Another day fighting with Elementals in the Aranathi highlands with Apostasy. By the end of the night, I had hit 40th level, and was eager to get a horse so that I could keep up with my tiger-riding friend.  I only had about 40 gold, so I knew I’d have to borrow some cash from him. We flew to Redridge and ran to the Eastwood lumberyards, where I had seen horses for sale once upon a time.

Buying a horse is a two-step process, first there are riding lessons, for 78 gold. I know what you are wondering… how is it that someone can teach me how to make lightning bolts explode out of my axe for 90 copper, but demands 78 gold, (8,666 times as much) to train me how to ride a horse?

I don’t know. Riding a horse must be pretty damn tricky.

Anyway, I took some riding lessons and tried to buy a horse, only to discover that I was about 5 gold short. Damn!

Determined to see me on a horse before the end of the night, we both scrambled for cash. We ran to the nearest mailbox to see if anyone had any auctions ending (and money coming in). Nope not yet!

Five gold is not a lot of money in this game, but it is a lot to try to pick up off of corpses.

The next day, after a stop at the Ironforge auction house to buy healing potions, I asked for help at Refuge point. “Does anyone else need to fight the Drywhisker Kobolds?” No answer. I headed there anyway and tried some more.  This time, a level 41 undead priest was wandering the foothills, also killing kobolds.

“Cool” I figure, I’ll just help him fight kobolds and he will do the same for me. 
Nope. It didn’t really work out that way. I was obviously free to slice up the guy(s) he was fighting, but he didn’t return the favor.
“Damn” I thought. Either he didn’t get it or he didn’t care. Being level 41, he could probably pull it off solo. I needed him more than he needed me.

He ran off in a different leg of the cave and I fought on, trying to improve my techniques and devise a way to finish this quest on my own.

I did better this time, banking rage when the threat was low and using execution to stop them from running for help. I also tried to  save my big guns (retaliation and last stand) for the epic battle between myself and the level 40 boss.

I inched closer to the final crystal, offing 10 or so kobolds on the way.  I rounded the last corner and was pleased to find that the elite 40 was gone! Only two standard magic dudes stood in my way. Still, this was going to be hard. I tried it, depending too much I guess on retaliation and was soon on my way to dead. I ran, but was caught by re-spawing kobolds on the way out.  Dead. To add insult to death, the Undead priest was there with an undead ladyfriend, hovering over my corpse.

The ladyfriend spit on my corpse!!

Aye! Thanks for the help! I was almost certain that I couldn’t do this alone, and I was definitely frustrated, but I realized that the undead pair was unwittingly clearing out a path for me. I would just have to wait for them to knock out all of the foes, then walk up and massage the crystal to complete my quest.

I ran in from the graveyard and tried to find an alcove to resurrect in.  Sure enough, during my 4-minute ghost run, the undead spitters had cleared a path all the way to the back! I popped back to life, ate an apple and attacked the final remaining kobold. He had no one to turn to for help and I ran him down.

The crystal was mine for the taking and I completed my quest.