Day 22

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

With a little help from a tiny dwarf, I found the mining guy, and nabbed my second trade skill, mining.
Next, I headed out of town for some more outdoor adventuring, and stopped at the mailbox on the way out to check out how my auctions ended.
Wow! The first auction, for 20 pieces of light leather, went for 15 silver! This is about 5 times as much as I was getting from a merchant. Almost 1 silver per piece of leather! Amazing.
This leather must be needed by other players, and there must not be enough in the market to satisfy all of the leatherworkers.
The linen cloth also sold for a good price. I’m going to have to talk to some leather workers and figure out if I can make a trade for bags or something.

Before leaving town, I had hoped to find a group to help me finish the “Hogger” quest. I haven’t noticed many people shouting “hey, I need help with a quest”, so I thought I’d try the in-game mechanism for that. I set it up, announcing my desire to find people. It didn’t work immediately, and I didn’t see how other people could detect my announcement anyway. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I left stormwind and walked up to the first town, (Northburg or something) to finally complete the Grape Manifest quest, then I slowly made my way to where Hogger was supposed to be.  I was on the lookout for potential helpers, but didn’t see any.

After killing a few Outrunner pigmen, I spotted a level 17 fighter running directly into the middle of camp. I ran over as he was being swarmed by enemies. He was fighting their leader.. Hogger! Damn.  Before I knew it, he had killed Hogger and collected his scalp, completing the quest. I hadn’t ever officially joined forces with him, so I was left out of the spoils.

He left. It was annoying, but I couldn’t complain. I hadn’t died, and he had done most of the work. It was just an unfortunate series of events, because we both could have completed the quest if I had spoken to him for 10 seconds before we attacked.

I walked back to the road and logged out. I’ll have to find help and kill Hogger again next time.

I’m at level 13.


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