Wow, Day 15

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

Started the session at a little past 1 am.
I picked up right outside the Jasperlode Mine, where I had first encountered the spell-casting kobolds. I was there to complete a “check out the mine” quest from marshall whats-his-name in Goldshire.
I was actually kind of intimidated going in, which is probably good. The kobolds weren’t too much of a challenge. They have lots of great loot, including guns which I can’t use, and linen. After about 5 rooms, I got a notice that I had completed the “check it out” quest. Still, I had a strong feeling that there was a big treasure a little deeper, so I kept looking. Found my first spiders! They have poison and immobilizing webs. Died once, but came back and peeled singles off of the final pact until I could come in  and take out the lvl 10 successfully. OK treasure.

Somewhere in there I also reached 11th level.

Back in town I sold off everything I didn’t need, upgraded my weapon and got credit for the Jasperlode quest. I looked at my map and realized that I had missed a big chunk.. A big chunk where apparently the main town is! I am excited to return, but damn it is late.


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