Wow, Day 16

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

Again, I didn’t get in until it was about 1 am. I had just finished a big story, so I was excited and on full alert.
I headed Northwest and straightaway found the big city, Stormwind. The path into the city is spectacular, lined with giant statues of various characters. There are five big chunks of the city, not unlike in Disneyland, and plenty of conversations in the air.
One of the first conversations I heard was from a guy looking to buy leather from other players. I also found the auction house (which I had seen before, watching my father play) and new trainers, traders, food, trinkets and food supplies.
A fellow was offering to enchant my shield, but I couldn’t hand it to him, because it was “soulbound” to me already.
I didn’t know if he was offering it for free, or if he was charging, or if this was a ploy to steal my equipment.

The city is really pretty big, and I’ve heard that there is a similar city below, in the sewers. A lot to explore, without monsters or treasure. The last place I visited was a florist. I at first assumed that the flowers must be used for spell casting. They didn’t seem to have any attributes assigned to them (like an effect on armor rating or something). Only later did I realize these were here so that in-game players could give each other flowers! Amazing. I wonder if there is candy too, and valentines, and wedding invitations.


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