Wow, day 20

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

I should admit that I had become frustrated in the search for the missing guards, and had resorted to finding the answers online. It seems that I had been somehow missing the remains of the first guard, just a dozen yards from the bridge. This quest was set up to unfold in a certain way, so when I found the ribcage of the second guard, nothing registered. That was frustrating, but it has resulted in me being very familiar with this area.
Right away, I found the first guard’s corpse and was close to the second one when I joined forces with “Tatertots” a spellcasting elf.
We were both in the middle of a bunch of Murlocs, which are OK when they are alone, but get pretty deadly when they call for help. Being teamed up makes the game much more fun. There is a much smaller chance of dying and single foes have almost no chance at all. The battle was pretty much over by the time we joined forces, so we ran together back to the bridge to finish the quest. Then we ran clear back to Goldshire together and chatted on the way.
It is fun to try to get to know someone through their character. The nature of the game promotes temporary teamwork. You really don’t have to know the people you have joined forces with. He appeared as a female elf, but I got the feeling that he was a dude. He wasn’t girling it up or anything… I don’t know what other clues I was working with. It was just the feeling I got. Maybe it was his lack of interest in the finer points of social intercourse.

In Goldshire, I tried to trade with him, just for the sake of trading, but he wasn’t interested. I could only interest him in taking some water once I convinced him it was totally useless to me.

So, that done, I got my pants repaired and we headed back to the stone cairn lake area. We killed some Prowlers (wolves) and some Rogue wizards to complete a couple of his quests, then we set to work collecting fins from a bunch more Murlocs.

It was getting late, but after all that running and setup to get to the fish village, I was determined to finish this part of the quest before heading to bed. It took forever to collect eight fins each.

By the end, my four bags were bursting with loot. As soon as we both had eight fins, I said goodnight.

  1. JoelAT says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading this blog from the get go, are you all done posting? If so, I’m sad, but happy for you because you must have found something more enjoyable to do. Thanks for the fun read.

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