Wow, Day 21

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

All administration
The previous day’s adventure ended with full bags and completed quests, so this evening was all administration, that is, I ran around, got new supplies, sold my loot and posted auctions.

The economy of Wow can be summarized like this: 
If you buy leather pants from a merchant, they will cost 20.
If you find them in a treasure chest, you will be able to sell for 5.

This price difference sets up a situation where it is almost always more advantagous to buy from and sell to other players, but that takes time, even if you are just putting them up for auction, you’ve got to run into town and set it up.

I have a strategy: I’m going to try auctioning anything that has a (merchant) value of 1 silver or more. Everything else I am dumping off in town. Also, I’m going to try to get as many bags as possible. I never want to leave loot in the forest, or have to sift through my bags to clear some room.

I sold almost four bags full of stuff, except for six items which I put on auction. Two things were unexpectedly bound to me, which meant that I was not able to auction them. It feels good to liquidate all that stuff.

While in Stormwind, I ran over to the Dwarf quarter. I need to see a guy about some mining skills.


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