Day 25

Posted: September 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

Lian in Westfall
Making money is getting too rewarding in this game.
Instead of fighting, I just want to run back to town and check to see how much my leather sold for. Not as much as I had hoped. I think the stack of 20 sold for 6 silver. I guess the first stack of 20 was a fluke.

I went back to Westfall and immediately made the aquantence of Lian, a paladin. In a weekend full of interesting partnerships, this was the best.

We attacked farmhouses, outrunners and longsnouts, killing a bunch of Delfias rogues. I am beginning to understand what what makes good partnerships good. He talked a lot, and I talked back. Perhaps it helped that we were both at the limitations of our characters, monster-wise. We needed to work together more, pre-battle, sharpening swords and swapping protections/healing/potions for the best chance at survival.

We both died a bunch of times, most memorably at the mouth of a mine in the Gold Cliffs. It was a battle-place which sucked us both in, looking deceptively possible, but remaining completely beyond the two of us. At the mouth of this cave, two tough enemies summoned a third from within the cave.

Our conversations:
“Ok, this time, lets try to lure them out even further”.
“Ok, lets try to hide behind a tree and split them up”.
“Ok, don’t let the wounded ones lead you into more trouble.”

 and they beat us every time.

I was disarmed a couple of times, which is really nasty, especially when you don’t notice immediately. Despite losing, we were having a lot of fun. Eventually we got sick of losing and moved to a different area a little further up the coast.

We had a little reminder of what winning was like, and time flew by until it got late and our bags became full of treasures.

  1. John says:

    what server are you on? what is your characters name?

  2. wowpiehands says:

    I’m on the Arypos server, my char name is PieHands.

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