Wow, Day 23

Posted: September 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

Having a singular goal (killing Hogger) for the day, it was pretty easy to succeed. Especially since I had already learned that it was vital to find a helper first.
I had a renewed interest in skinning. Light leather was worth almost a silver each, so I was excited to gather some stacks of it.
I spent a few minutes in the woods on my own before joining forces with another fighter. He was not chatty at all, but to be honest, there wasn’t a lot to discuss. We had the same goal, to defeat hogger. His name was something like Terrance or something.

Now that we had a chance, we couldn’t find him. We must have killed 30 outrunners before we finally found him. Elite monsters tend to have a few tricks up their sleeves (like spells), so he was a challenge, but I think we killed him on the first try.

After we had beaten the chief, Terrance took off north, without a word. This struck me as pretty lame. I cashed in two quests, (Hogger and outrunner headbands) and went West, off the map, to a place labelled “Westfall”.

It looked dry and hot.  Almost immediately I cashed in the “family deed” quest at the broken down wagon of Fulbrow. I also got a couple of new quests from them.


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