Day 28

Posted: September 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

The evening began at Sentinel Hill, and my first goal was to walk north and cash in the longsnout quest.  I never made it. A few steps in, I ran into Llen, who I recognised as my awesome battling friend from the night before.  Except, he was strangely silent when I started chatting. Nonetheless, I figured he was pre-occupied and joined forces with him. He was fighting Harvester Robots.

We each needed to kill 20 robots, so it took forever. Sometime in the middle, I checked my friends board and noticed that Lian was NOT ONLINE. This was “Llen”, a totally different guy who probably thought I was “insane friendly dude”. What are the odds?

I had a little problem sorting out my hot-key set up, possibly due to a patch bug, which made combat a real mess.  I stuck with the game, killing my share of harvester robots and completing the quest, but I found that I couldn’t cash it in, because the game wouldn’t allow me to choose a reward. I logged off and went to bed.


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