Day 29

Posted: September 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

Starting outside the same farmhouse in Westfall, I quickly cashed in the harvester and liver quests.

My hot-key troubles came to an end (user error) and I got my new spell “Bloodrage” into the rotation. This spell generates Rage from health, which I wasn’t really sure would help my survival. After a few uses, I’m sold. It really boosts my rage, which is perpetually empty or near empty. Maybe it won’t actually improve my survival chances, but it will certainly make the fights more fun.

Wow. I just realized that I will sometimes have to decide between stunning effects and boring effectiveness in this game. Would I rather have an exploding fireball which flys through the air and explodes on the head of my enemy for 6 damage, or an arrow which hits for 9 without any fanfare?

Bloodrage trades health for spell-casting ability. It should help me fight more effectively, but more importantly, it will make fights more spectacular.

I walked around Westfall for a bit, but my bags were still packed from the Christmas walk. I needed to auction some stuff, so I headed to Stormwind via griffon flight.


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