Day 33

Posted: October 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

Downloaded another patch before playing. It seemed to be brewfest-related.

After resurrection at the graveyard, my equipment was in terrible shape, so I took another Griffon flight back to Stormwind to reset. In town I poked around at the shops for a new weapon, but didn’t find anything. I repaired my equipment, checked my mailbox and put a bunch of unsold junk back up at auction.

I flew back to Westfall and headed West to adventure. I have about 5 quests open in Westfall, so I didn’t need to focus on any foe in particular.

As I headed west, I avoided conflict with any creatures, but after about 15 minutes, I realized there weren’t any creatures to avoid. I figured they had simply been killed before I got there, but there wasn’t anything left! No corpses or loot or anything. This was an error.

I peeked into deserted Jangolode mine. It was empty.. and being empty it was remarkably pointless to venture inside.

I logged off. Actually, I couldn’t log off. I had to END TASK in windows to close the game.
That was enough for me. I went to bed.


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