Day 34

Posted: October 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

After my forced shut down the previous night, I found myself back at Sentinel hill. I was ready for action.  After a quick review of my spell abilities, I realized I had neglected “sunder armor” a chance to halve my opponent’s armor. I put it into the rotation.

One of my quests required eight gnoll paws, and there was a small camp just over the hill, so I took them on. It was difficult. I was strong enough to take on the 15 and 16th level knolls, but the 17th level ones seemed to be my equal. They had great treasure, and I seemed to be making headway, so I stuck with it, running back from the nearby graveyard every time I was killed.

When it got down to the final four gnolls in camp, I couldn’t kill them both before they got me. I gave up after a while and tried a different camp: Delfias rogues.

The rouges were too tough. I got hit by two wizards simultaniously, was disarmed and killed.
I went to bed.


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