Day 36-ish.

Posted: October 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

I was actually growing bored with Westfall, so I ran to the coast to gather enough Murlock eyes to finish the Westfall stew quest. I wanted to find a new hunting ground.

I found myself pretty darn close to the Gold Cliffs mine, a place which had beaten me in the past, even when I had been teamed with another player (Llan). I decided to try it again. This time I had better luck. I was right at the edge of my abilities, but I was able to draw fights with just one enemy at a time. It was possible!

Surprisingly little inside. No king monster and no big treasure. I did find an odd flower – the Mageroyal. I have no idea what that is used for.

My quest ledger was remarkably clean… only one or two remained, and one directed me to Redridge mountains, so I was on my way. Redridge was WAY over on the other side of the map, so I ran over, got killed by a gang of pig-men, and logged off.

  1. Syyko says:

    Mageroyal is used in Alchemy, which is the art of making potions. I forget what potion but I know the 4th or 5th you learn uses Mageroyal as it’s main ingredient.

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