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The next day in Redridge, I was a little more careful, and actually got scooped up into a group before I had even made it all the way into town. Two dwarves were slaughtering pig-men, obviously completing a quest that I didn’t yet have.  The pig-men were impossible to seperate and take on singley. They would always yell or run for help, or I’d have to approach a bowman on foot and attract the attention of an entire village. Still, it was pretty fun, with a LOT of dead enemies, and a lot of ghost-laps from the graveyard.

I play late at night, and my group fun always ALWAYS ends with someone saying “I have to get to bed”.

There are generally two parts to this game: Organizing yourself and fighting. Organizing yourself means buying armor, sorting possessions, getting training, selling stuff and obtaining quests. Organizing yourself is not a group activity.  Fighting is the other part of this game. It doesn’t have to be a group activity, but it is a lot more fun when it is.

Maybe I am the exception, playing alone most of the time, but I wish there was an easier way to broadcast, “Hey, I am done organizing myself. I am ready to fight in Redridge”.