Day 55

Posted: October 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

Oh man. I had the BEST TIME on Friday night.
I know that a lot more people are playing on the weekends than on weekdays, and I was certain that I needed help on some of these Redrock quests, so as soon as I logged on, I started looking for help.

Level 19.

The first person I found was a female wizard named Vex, fighting some little dragons south of the bridge. We had a little mixup as she jumped on a Griffon just as I invited her to team up with me. She joined anyway, on her flight to Goldshire!
That was a little strange, but she flew right back, and we joined forces in earnest, killing a few more vultures and boars together. 

We were doing pretty well, and within 10 minutes, we found ourselves fighting Gnolls alongside a priest. He was at the same level as us, so I invited him to the group too, and he joined right up! Now we were three, and we were really mowing through the enemies. 

Because I had sent the first invitation (to Vex), I was the party leader, and no one seemed to object to my group management skills. A big group has to share treasures and gold, but most of the time being part of a good team FAR outweighs the costs.

Within 10 minutes, I had invited another fighter (WarriorAce?) and a paladin to join us. These two joined without hesitation and now we were a party of five!

Everyone was level 18 or 19, and we all had similar quests. I had never been so prepared to completely destroy anything in the way of success.

We all ran north into the hills behind Lakeshire and started slaughtering Gnolls. We were nearly invincible, which invited recklessness. Everyone waded in swinging and flashing attack spells. At some times, it looked like a fireworks competition. It was awesome!

I’ll try to describe what made it so awesome:
It was awesome to fight next to teammates, and to watch really powerful enemies get whittled down in no time.
It was awesome to rush in and come to a teammate’s aid.
It was awesome to be fighting one-on-one with some monster, and to suddenly have springs of lightning curl in over my shoulders and crash into my foe, teammates to the rescue!
It was awesome to run, in a line, or abreast with teammates, in a charging attack, or to split and hit someone from both flanks.
It was so, so fun. Everyone was ON, obviously excited to do this as a team.

As I glanced around, bodies littered the field. I scarcely had time to pick up treasure. The steamroller-like potential of this crew had an early problem. Someone ran ahead on the very dangerous (ambush) trail north and got us tangled up with six foes simultaneously. That ended badly. Luckily, the graveyard was right across the water, so recovery was easy. A quick team meeting got everyone focused on our potential power and re-enforced the difficulty of these particular opponents.

We headed Northeast, to Stormwatch Keep, to see just what this team was capable of.

  1. Dick Deadeye says:

    It’s always better to be a member of a party! Adventuring alone for long stretches of time leaves you feeling exposed and underskilled. Competent backup males everything so much easier.

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