Magnificent Five, cont.

Posted: October 31, 2007 in Uncategorized

Did I mention how fun this was? We were a gang. A powerful gang of heroes, walking in the middle of the street like Wyatt Earp and company. We were moving to quickly, and killing too much for me to keep track of were we were. We killed a couple groups of Blackrock Ogres and continued up to an abandoned sawmill. We quickly dispatched the spiders there and continued to an ogre campground up the trail.

Whoever was closest would stop short of the camp and wait, giving everyone a chance to prepare with protective spells and scrolls. Then, someone would start blasting, and it would be on.

These were tough battles, and our members were beginning to play more conservatively, limiting the scope of our conflict.  We were facing enemies which would just at the edge of our abilities one-on-one. Working in concert allowed us to have a slightly better chance than that.

Past the camp, one of our members disconnected. Coincidentally, we found ourselves fighting next to a 24th level Rogue. I asked him to join, and he declined. It seemed that he just wanted to fight along with us.

We continued North and East, to the foot of a Tower, where we were left to consider three Blackrock Sentries. I think they were each 22nd level, and at least one was an elite. It was going to be our toughest challenge yet. We got ready, with all protections and enhancements, and tried to coax one to his death. We got all three.

They beat us once, but we went back to try it again. I should mention that in this party I had my first taste of resurrection, and our healer had his first chance to cast it!

On our second attempt, we won! It was close, but we won, with no one dead. We were improving our techniques!

After this, the tower loomed above us. This was obviously next, but it was 3 in the morning. Ha ha ha! Oh man. I got sucked in! I wanted to stay, but this was ridiculous! I thanked everyone, bowed out and logged off.

That was so fun. Four times more fun that anything else I’ve been a part of, except for perhaps the Christmas walk.

Lying in bed, I was smiling, almost laughing to myself I was so gleeful. That was a terrific evening.


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