Day 57

Posted: November 2, 2007 in Uncategorized

I was excited to try again on Sunday, to catch the remains of the weekend population surge. Two days later I went online and IMMEDIATELY went looking for a party to join.  Across the bridge I found two paladins, a man and a woman, hunting dragons, boar and condors. I asked to join their group, and they let me right in.

It was nice. They both communicated a bunch, which made it very enjoyable. We were all near the end of the Redridge Goulash quest, so it wasn’t long before we headed back into town to cash it in.

Afterward, we sat out on the pier and tried to figure out what to try next, quest-wise.

They were skeptical, but I successfully prompted them to try killing Bullygrub with me. It was a very short run, and a very short fight. I guess I had underestimated his power vs. three opponents!

We cashed in immediately and started talking about what was next. Mystics in the hills. We ran up through the hills behind town and began taking them out. This was slower and more methodical than before, but still fun.

I also hit level 20. Not being addicted to Warcraft means that most of the people on my friends list (people who I have fought with in the past) gain levels faster than I do. This seriously limits my ability to get together with crewmates I have battled with in the past.  I wish there was a code which indicated how frequently or infrequently a  person played, so that it would be easier to know who was going to still be piddling along in Redridge next Friday, when I’ll be back online looking for the head Blackrock Ogre.


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