Day 93 – Duskwood

Posted: December 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

Ugh! Behind again in my description of my Warcraft adventures.
Let me describe what happened in Duskwood:

My second trip through Duskwood was definitely easier. Previously I had tackled giant spiders on the road through this county and had been beaten handily. After a long stay in Redridge, piehands was more prepared for this tough area. In other words, I could kill spiders.

The first, easiest quest out of town had me hunting skeletons in a small nearby cemetery. I had become used to not being able to solo anything in Redridge, so it was nice to be able to pick them off one at a time and collect some healing potions and some cash.
I wandered west over a ridge to find some gruesome looking shadowbane creatures stalking around, looking invincible at level 28.

Next I took a look east and found Deadwinds pass, where I met my first “beware” and “abandon hope all ye who travel here” sign posts. Yikes!

Undeterred, I wandered in, and caught sight of a level 70 Alliance warrior (player) galloping past me. Near the entrance, some monsters hung in the air showing level (??), which I had never seen before but took to mean “too high for me to estimate”. Unfortunately, I wandered too close and was killed in a moment. I was distressed to find that I had popped up in a never-before visited cemetery in the middle of the county, and had a long labyrinthine ghost run back to my corpse .

Back to Duskwood, I kept mostly to the roads, finding my next 6 hours of questing adventure in Raven Hill Cemetery. The Cemetery is huge, with several branches of different quests there, involving several buildings, catacombs, skeletons, ghouls, grave-robbers and zombies.

One particular type of monster (Brain-chewers?) held a nasty surprise when killed. They drop two flesh-eating worms after they die.

One evening, while running back to the Raven Hill cemetery from Darkshire (the main town), I encountered a huge pasty humanoid zombie monster along the road. It was named “Stitches”. He looked like an Frankenstein stay-puff marshmallow man, carrying huge chains and an axe. I was quickly killed, and watched with dead eyes as he crushed four previously invincible guards from town. Awesome!

At first I thought Stitches might be a high-level Horde player, but I found out later that he is a Duskwood regular, and that I could look forward to facing him again on this same road in the future.

I resolved to not be alone when I found him again.


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