Day 110

Posted: January 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

In Mithril Harbor –

Man! Getting here was a journey! I figured I’d be a little closer to Mithril harbor when I arrived in this Northern Dwarfland, but the harbor was actually waaaay up the continent.

So, after a quick tour around the harbor town, I’ve finally accumulated more quests than I have room for.  I think all my time mastering Duskwood has made this area a bit too easy.  I’ve completed a couple of quests down here,  including finding the Mithril ingots crucial for building a Mordant Fel-killing fireball stick.

I swam out to a wreck in the harbor and killed a bunch of Murlocs, then ran north to take out ghost pirates in another pair of shipwrecks. The pirate wrecks were crawling with other players, making it hard to get the quest-required number of kills. However, one of the mobs’ attacks is a slowing spell, which also happens to make the players’ characters look like zombies themselves.

One exchange was particularly memorable.
I swam through the hull and climbed up to a deck to find two other players. At first they looked like zombies, but they had their blue names hovering over their heads.  They were eating/healing, and waiting for a new mob boss to spawn.

“Wow, this looks like the place to be!” I remarked.

“Yes, if you are dead!” Another player replied.

After cashing in the pirate shipwreck quest, I ran Northeast, looking for the Dragonmaw clan.

I’m level 30.


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