Day 113 – Dragonmaw Riders

Posted: January 16, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Wow, the dragonmaw riders were a lot harder to find than they were to defeat. Turns out that Northeast actually meant East east northeast. In any case, they were fun to attack, because they fought with dually weilded swords. My goal was to collect 10 war banners, and that was pretty easy. Again, because they were a few levels below my own, I could take on two of them at a time, using attacks which struck two foes at a time. I have two such attacks at this time, “Thunder Clap” and “Cleave”, so I generally stun both for a moment with lightning and then cleave them. Sometimes I’ll “Hamstring” one of them to slow him down a bit.

The camp had a lot more acreage than this quest required, so I was not at all surprised when I was sent back to do more damage after I cashed in the war banners.


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