Day 115 – Losing to the Dark Iron Dwarves

Posted: January 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

I was overloaded with booty, so I made a quick trip to the Ironforge auction house and set up a bunch of auctions. I had about 18 gold burning a hole in my pocket, and it had been a while since I did any armor shopping, so I poked around a bit while I was there. Starting with chest armor (where the largest percentage of armor rating comes from) and searching for the best armor a level 32 warrior can wear, it was not long before I spotted some Green Iron Hauberk, with an armor rating of 358. I checked the rating on my current chest armor: 248! Wow. I was a little scared to be spending 70% of my money on armor, but gaining 100 armor in one fell swoop was too good to pass up!

I also placed bids on some bargain-priced leggings, a helmet and a shield. These upgrades would also increase my armor, but nothing close to the 100-point jump I could get from the Hauberk chest armor.

Back out in the wild, I took up and completed the Dragonmaw  “Destroy the Catapults” Quest, and trudged north to take on the Dark Iron Dwarves.

Dun Mod’r looked pretty scary. It was a small fortified town, buzzing with gun-toting Dark Iron Dwarves. My quest required that I kill off 5 or 10 each of three different varieties of Dark Iron Dwarves, and it looked like I would have to kill the whole town to get it done.

The real struggle was that the dwarves guarding the gate respawned every 4 minutes. It was like trying to dry out a beach towel while someone is spraying a garden hose at it.

After dying five times in a half hour, I was finally joined by a level 26 paladin named Proctor.


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