The Economy in WoW

Posted: April 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

The economy of WoW is so crazy. You start out using copper, which could be considered pennies. Regular empty flasks and such are pennies apiece.
100 copper are one silver, so those are kind of like silver dollars. For example, I might sell a stack of 20 light leather for 15 silver. $15 for light skins, ok, I can imagine that.
Gold are 100 silver, which would be $100 each, of course. There are always items in the AH (I’m thinking plate chest armor) which are 400 gold, which would be the equivelant of $40,000.

So, I guess if you have 10000 gold, you can consider yourself a millionaire.

  1. snuffsaid says:

    Yay for Piehands 8-p

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