I’m not Dead!

Posted: April 25, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Where have I been?

I’m not dead! My brother started playing Wow again and I decided to start a character on his server: Nordrasill. I started an Elf Priest named “Cigar”, my second character in Wow and first exploration into the spell-casting set. I chose herb gathering and alchemy as my character professions.

Last night I pinged level 20, and found myself fighting Mathystra Mermen on the northern edge of Darkshore, trying to gather six relics for an ancient tree-man in the…yes..Grove of the Ancients!

I had this idea somehow that playing a priest would make me a desireable addition into groups, but I’ve only been in a few with this character. Less than 10. Partly to blame is my playing schedule, which is that I play for about 45 minutes at a stretch, which is hardly even enough time to get to know someone in game.

I have started to make announcements in the “General” chat channel about my intentions, to see if I can find anyone else on the same quests/ready for similar encounters. I’ve only had one taker, but it worked out really well. He was a level 30 warrior and our blackwood prey was completely outmatched. I barely got a chance to heal him!

Also, I’ve done some fishing with this character, which was an awesome instant cash infusion! Two words: oily blackmouth! Oh man. At first glance they seemed like useless ( non-edible) fish, but my brother clued me in that they sold for big money in the auction house, so at level 9 I took the time to hook a stack of 20 and put them in the auction house. 3 gold! Bam! I had never had this much money (at such a low level) with my warrior character! Trust fund!

So, I’m happy to get priesting advice. This is my first opportunity for resurrecting people, healing and general spellcasting.

  1. Feline says:

    So will the name become “Cigar is not addicted to the World of Warcraft”?

  2. Jimmy Dolar says:

    Dude, you are hilarious
    Keep on blogging bro
    More power to you

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