The Mis-handled COD payment

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Last night I started in Darnassus auction house, ready to finish up my business from the night before. When I checked my auctions, I only had four still going. Wow! I had initiated about 20 auctions the night before, and staggeringly, almost all of them had ended! Someone bought all of my crap! Alright!

On my way over to the mailbox, someone…bloodymouse? yelled on the general channel that he was looking to sell a netherweave bag (16 slot) for 5 gold. I told him yea, but that I would have to wait a minute before I could pay, because I was on my way to pick up my fresh money from the auction house.

I felt like that guy who never quite has enough money for gas…

Anyway, he offered to just mail it to me COD, and I let him know that would be great.

The mailbox had a ton of money in it, 17 gold total, from about as many auctions. This was great. I guess that is what happens when you sell raw materials over the weekend. I also did a little auction-gaming, buying some pearls at a very low price and selling my own for a higher price.

No bag yet though.

I jogged and flew back to darkshore, feeling rich because I had about 20 gold, (which is a lot for my 21st level character, in my opinion). I checked my quests, and just before I left town, I checked the mailbox one last time. Yes! My bag had arrived. I quickly sent the seller his money, and went to pick up the bag. ACH! I totally spaced on how the COD mechanism worked. I couldn’t actually pick up the bag without paying another 5 gold! Ah!! Well, I picked it up anyway, and quickly sent a letter to bloodymouse, asking for my second payment back! Rats!

Then I ran south and hooked up with a Draenai Priest in an attempt to kill Murkdeep the Murlock. That was fun! Two priests against an ugly mob of fishmen. A lot of holy fire and complimentary healing.

I’ll let you know how the 5Gold refund goes…




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