Day 240 Moonstalker Pelts

Posted: April 30, 2008 in Uncategorized
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The first thing I did was to check the mailbox for 5 gold. Nope! I sent a quick reminder.
This would be a good social experiment, to send people money and see who responded.

I also arranged all the stuff in my bags to help make sorting faster in the future. The trick here is to fill the bags from the bottom up, so that items which are stashed in the field don’t get mixed up and around all of your collectables and fine washables.

One bag contained all of my consumable buffs, one was for herbs (the herb bag). I lined the bottom of one with things destined for the auction house, and filled one with everyday tools.

My mission for the evening was to complete the “lost master” moonstalker pelts task. For this one, I needed to find a certain particular version of the moonstalker cats and collect five pelts. This was a lot harder than it sounds.

First I killed my way south. This map is chock full of bears. Damn there are a lot of bears. What are all these bears eating? The foster farms chicken ranch couldn’t support this many bears! After killing eight bears, I started dodging them, often weaving in and out of the trees to avoid fighting any more of them.

I passed the junior moonstalkers, the juveniles, the teen moonstalkers, the angsty moonstalkers, the coed moonstalkers, the young adults, the undergrads, the frat moonstalkers, the yuppie moonstalkers, the 30-something moonstalkers and the milf moonstalkers. Finally, I started seeing the moonstalker sires, and it was time to collect my pelts. Man, they would not drop. I hunted and killed seven for three pelts. That isn’t even counting the moonstalker matrons and runts I had to kill. Damn! Anyway, finally I got enough and headed back into town. Some elf in town helped make them into a fancy cloak with ONE charge of invisiblity, warning me to not use the invisibility until I was close to the cave (where I would rescue an injured guy).

I took the cloak, but did not wear it, because I didn’t want to start the timer ticking on my invisiblity. Grimclaw the polar bear was there to help me find the cave, and sure enough, it was surrounded by moonkin. I put on the cloak and silently walked past them into the…

Oh, they can see me.

By the time I realize this, there are six of them attacking me. I ran into the cave to find Voltron (or whatever) but died pretty quickly after that.

Lame. I guess I was supposed to “activate” the cloak somehow. Hm.

For some unknown reason my undead wisp appeared at the far north end of the map! Arr! It took a good 5 minutes to fly back to the cave. I was determined to not die again.

Luckily, being in the cave was an advantage. Voltron asked for the cloak and wore it himself. He asked if I wanted to sneak out or fight out. That was a neat surprise.
I said “sneak out” and he transformed into a cat and disappeared!

I was sure I was going to get swarmed coming out of the cave, but I hugged the wall and snuck out unnoticed. I ran north and cashed in the quest! Yes. Something went right!

  1. Harsan says:

    You may know this, but might I suggest you swing by Thottbot occasionally to check out quests?

    You can search out quests not to mention look up prices and details of gear. Under each area is usually a comment area and the comments in yellow are generally viewed as valuable. I find valuable info about quests there.

  2. Snuffy says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you mentioned the zillion varieties of moonstalkers. I remember killing and killing and killing and waiting and killing and finally wondering “maybe these aren’t the right ones”. Sadness…

  3. Grendel says:

    or go to

    and get quest helper and cartographer, those both are awsome additions which I only figured out about a week ago.

  4. contemporaneousness says : I absolutely agree with this !

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