Day 255 – Piehands teleports to Nordrassil

Posted: May 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well well! Piehands is back!
My brother has been playing more often than I, and Cigar, my priest, has not been able to keep up. In fact, I am only at level 22 while he has attained level 40. I really only got onto the Nordrassil server because I wanted to be able to team up with him, which was absolutely not working out.

However, I had another option and I took it. I paid $25 and did a paid character transfer, moving my main character (Piehands) to the Nordrassil server.  It is perfect, except that it cost $25, and we are both warriors. The process was pretty easy. I had to make sure my mailbox was empty, which was easy, because I had been completely ignoring this character. All his mail was gone. Whoops.

The rules said that it might take a week, but it only took one day. Piehands awoke in the same place (Southshore), in a new dimension.  I lost my old guild affiliation, which was fine, and my friends list was also blank.  I’ll bet that if I had been transferred as a ghost, that I would have auto-magically been resurrected too.

Immediately I sent a word out to my brother. I had arrived! Lets team up and kill stuff!

  1. Philip Doino says:

    Thanks for your explanation. I like to make out the print Martha

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