Day 256 continued

Posted: May 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

A while later, we had another terrific encounter. Aranthi Highlands is a contested region, which means that undead, tauren and orcs are wandering around doing some of the same quests.  Blizzard scrambles typewritten communication between Alliance (men) and Horde (orcs), so it isn’t easy to communicate with the other side, but sometimes the goal of your group is obvious to them, and vice-versa.

The next step in this quest was to unlock and defeat another 43rd-level elemental giant, and we were fortunate to find three horde warriors knocking down rock elementals in the same area.  Without any communication or advance warning, we unleased the giant and started our battle. The horde warriors jumped in immediately and started to help! Five of us were, although not technically grouped, on the same team, with a big, dangerous and obvious goal. It was rad.

The giant fell in no time, and despite getting no experience or loot from the kill, the horde was obviously thrilled, jumping around and celebrating with us. We prevailed together.

You want two factions, which are supposed to hate each other to come together? Throw a 43rd level giant at them.


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