Day 257 – Cave of the Drywhisker Kobolds

Posted: May 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Playing solo, and feeling behind in the elementals quest, I decided to start it myself.  The quest begins at a magical suspended crystal in the northeast of Aranthi Highlands. A trapped princess apparently speaks through the crystal, and needs some help getting out. The first step is to battle the nearby Drywhisker Kobolds in the eastern hills.

Ranging in level from 35 to 38, the kobolds were easy prey by themselves, but they were light on their feet, and ran for help once they got down to about 30% of their help. This was a problem. I could beat one, and I could beat the one that he pulled into the fight, but I was having trouble defeating the one hat THAT guy pulled into the fight. In addition, as I neared the mouth of their cave, the fighters were augmented with spellcasters, who enjoyed freezing me to a spot on the floor, stepping back and hurling freeze rays at me.

After a few deaths, I was pulling everything out of my bag of tricks. retaliation, last stand, shield bash.. etc.  I was bandaging myself as they ran away in battle, using execution to deliver a knockout blow and gulping healing potions. It was tough going.

The cave was deeper than it appeared. I was able to pick up the 12 required “motes” (?) from the bodies of dead kobolds, but the quest also required that I find and activate a large crystal at the back of the cave.

After many struggles, I reached the back of the cave, only to find a level 40 elite there. Ugh. He had friends and looked completely impossible to defeat alone. I gave it one shot and died quickly.

I signed off.

  1. ElMuerte says:

    Hamstring for runners dude.

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