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Not long after I started playing Warcraft, I realized that much of the game had already been carefully catelogued and databased. However, there were a few things that I figured no one had logged.. How many monsters do I have to kill to get to the top level?

I don’t know yet, and honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the patience and drive to go the whole way making such detailed notes. Until then, here are the results from my tally so far: The Complete List of Kills from Level 42 to Level 43. (87,100 experience)

I began by cashing in the Colonel Zurzen quest for 5450 and the “Favor for Krazdo” for 2200.
Next, I killed
Crystal Spine Basilisks (3)
Strangethorn Tigers (8 )
Venture Co. Geologist (1)
Mosh ‘ogg Witch Doctors (4)
Most ‘ogg Brutes (3)
Shadowmaw Panther (1)
Murkgill Warrior (1)
Young Strangethorne Tiger (1)
I also cashed in Tiger Mastery for 150 experience. What a rip off.

Then, I got together in a group and ran Stockades. I didn’t earn any experience however, because it is a low level dungeon. Also, the action happened too fast for me to take good notes on how many prisoners I killed. The group was a good one, so next we hit Deadmines (no experience) and finally Ulduman.

I did not gain a lot of experience from Ulduman, because it was split between four of us. Outside I killed:

Shadowforge Surveyors (7)
Shadowforge Diggers (7)
Shadowforge Ruffians (3)
Stonevault Rockchewers (1)

I then cashed in “Furious Deep” quest for 300, and “Hints of a New Plague” for 3700.

Killed Black Bear (1) and
Moonrage Elder (1)
Shadowfang Whitescalps (8 )
Bleak Worg (4)
Bleak Glutton (1)
Undead Servants (7)

Crushridge Brutes (2)
Crushridge Ogres (5)

Syndicate Enforcers (4)
Syndicate Assassins (4)
Nagaz (1)

Cashed in the Enscrolled Parchment Quest for 1100, and completed the Triage Quest for 5550 experience. Also, I met James Hyal for 330.

Risen Spirits (6)
Risen Husks (3)
Darkfang Venomspitter (2)
Drywallow Crockolisk (4)
Grimtotem Breaker (9)
Bloodfen Raptor (3)
Grimtotem Elder (10)
Grimtotem Shapeshifter (8)
Withervine Creeper (1)
Noxious Flayer (1)

Completed the Escort Stinky Quest, Raptor Capture (2950)

Darkmist Spiders (6)
Darkmist Recluse (3)
Darkmist Widow (elite) (1)
Darkmist Hatchling (4)
Theramore Deserter (8 )
Theramore Leitenant (2)
Mottled Drywither Crocolisk (1)
Acidic Swamp Ooze (3)
Giant Darkmist Spider (1)

and finally, I cashed in the Zepplin Crash Quest for 440 experience.

So! Yeah! Did a lot of killing, fighting more than 42 types of creatures. That was a surprise. I never thought I would see such a wide range of creature through such a short time span.  Also, a very surprising discovery in these notes was that I rarely kill more than 7 of any one kind of creature. Sure, it seems like I’ve killed 50 Theramore Deserters, but it was really only 8.